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Denitration nozzle high temperature and corrosion resistant

The material:Stainless steel
Mounting type: external thread connection
External thread connection:1/4, 1/2, 1
Medium: liquid, air
Working pressure :0-200 bar
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Denitration nozzle high temperature and corrosion resistant

This porous nozzle has excellent anti-clogging properties. Our gas-liquid atomizing nozzle has 3-8 holes with 6.3mm aperture. Its unique super-large nozzle design has greater adaptability to the impurity particles in the liquid. For the use of water, industrial circulating water users can reduce the cost of water quality pretreatment.
Due to the design of special atomizing tower and spray system, it is an ideal choice for desulfurization, removal of HF, HCL, SO2,H2S and out of stock by utilizing the velocity difference and pressure difference between the reactor and the surrounding flue gas.

The material:Stainless steel
Mounting type: external thread connection
External thread connection:1/4, 1/2, 1
Medium: liquid, air
Working pressure :0-200 bar

Design features

Using steam or air as the second fluid nozzle, spray mode is hollow cone or fan-shaped, spray Angle is 20-90 degrees, the flow rate is 2-80 l/min.

Product use

1. Dust removal/dehydration of converter
2. Humidification and cooling of flue gas in humidifier tower at the end of cement dry normal kiln
3. Humidification, cooling and cooling of flue gas of grate cooler in cement dry normal kiln head
4. Waste incineration quench tower high temperature flue gas spray cooling cooling
5 non-ferrous metal smelting high temperature gas spray cooling cooling
6. Dry spray cooling of flue gas in gravity dust collector of blast furnace
7. Evaporative cooling of flue gas in electric furnace steel mill
8. Semi-dry spray desulfurization for coal-fired boilers
9. Power station boiler flue gas accident cooling
Blast furnace top water spray cooling
Blast furnace gas cooling cooling
12. Glass, sintering, chemical and other industries, high temperature spray cooling
Denitration nozzle high temperature and corrosion resistant

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