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dust suppession nozzle

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What is a dust suppression nozzle?

Dust suppression nozzle is a nozzle, it is mainly used to control the dust in the air, to prevent air dust pollution. Its function is liquid after high pressure power through the nozzle atomized into very fine droplets and dust particles in the air can be attached to each other, fall to the ground. Dust suppression nozzle is generally used in dust control system, in factories, sand field, mining, stone yard, road and other places.

dust suppession nozzle

The dust suppression nozzle features

1. It is not easily blocked
2. Good misting effect, atomization size of droplets in the range of 5-50um
3. Spray distance and flow can be adjusted
4. Wear resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance
5. Advanced structure, easy replacement and maintenance
6. Different nozzle sizes and connection sizes


dust suppession nozzle

Benefits of dust suppression nozzle

1. Effective dust control
2. High efficiency and cost saving
3. Prevent dust hazards and protect the environment
4. Simple operation of nozzle
5. Nozzle is suitable for multiple dust control systems

Application of dust suppression nozzle

Dust suppression nozzle as a part of the dust control system. It is generally combined with dust control equipment, such as misting cannon, atomization system, dust removal system, etc.
Dust suppression nozzle is mainly used in iron and steel plants, thermal power plants, cement plants, quarries, coking plants, transfer yards, logistics centers, mines, ports, docks, construction waste recycling, large storage yards and other places.
dust suppession nozzle


  • Primary Dump Hoppers
  • Jaw Crushers
  • Vibrating Screens
  • Transfer Points
  • Cone / Gyratory Crushers
  • Coal Loading Terminals
  • Stackers and Reclaimers
  • Transport Areas / Railroads
  • Railroad Dump to Conveyer
  • Railroad Rotary Dump to Receiving Hopper
  • Feeder to Impactors


  • Feeder to Hammer-mill Crushers
  • Feeder to Bucket Elevator
  • Feeder to Belt Conveyor
  • Feeder to Storage Hopper
  • Stockpiles
  • Mine Shafts – Ventilation
  • Long- wall Shearers
  • Continuous Miners
  • Products / Washing ore or coal Conveyer Belts
  • Trucks

dust suppression nozzle

Spray Nozzle for dust suppression

Some dust control scene diagrams

Faquality Ask Question

Some FAQ’s of the spray nozzle for dust suppession

  • Why do dust control dust suppression?

    1. Harm to human body: 

    dust pollutants in the air do harm to human body in many aspects, mainly manifested as respiratory diseases and physiological disorders, as well as irritation of the mucosal tissues such as the eyes and nose, resulting in physical decline due to insufficient lung qi.

    2. Harm to plants:

    Dust pollution in the air and other hazards to plants are very serious. When the concentration of pollutants is very high, it will cause acute harm to plants, causing lesions on the surface of plants' leaves, or directly causing leaves to wilt and fall off.

  • Nozzle parameters Simple parameters

    Connector size: 

    1/8 '1/4 "1/2" 3/4 "' 3/8 '1' '2' BSP or inside and outside the NPT thread, etc

    Spray Angle: 

    30,60,90,110,120,150 degrees and other customized

  • What are the types of dust control nozzles?

    There are many types of dust suppression nozzles. Different use requires different dust suppression nozzles. At present, the main dust suppression nozzle is: single fluid nozzle, double fluid nozzle, atomizing nozzle, dry fog nozzle, ultrasonic nozzle, high pressure nozzle, air atomizing nozzle, hydraulic nozzle and so on.
  • What kind of dust control nozzle Angle and can be adjusted?

    The spray Angle of the dust suppression nozzle is roughly divided into 30,60,90,110,120,150 angles, etc., air atomizing nozzle, misting nozzle, ultrasonic dry fog nozzle can be adjusted to the spray Angle.
  • How to install or replace the dust control nozzle?

    There are also many ways to install dust suppession nozzle. Different air atomizing nozzle installation methods are different, and the application fields are different. Through the installation of air atomizing nozzle, we can choose the appropriate installation joint of our own. The premise is to choose the nozzle model, connection size, flow size and so on.
  • Dust control nozzle material, pressure system, spray type

    Dust suppression nozzle manufacturing materials are: brass, 303SS, 304SS, 316SS and other different levels of stainless steel. The pressure is generally high pressure system. Only when the pressure is high, the spray droplet size of nozzle can meet the standard and the spray distance can be far enough. Dust suppression nozzle spray type is generally divided into hollow cone, multi Angle, fan, solid cone and so on.
Dust Suppession Nozzle Article

Dust Suppession Nozzle technology and information

Dry Fog Mist System For Dust Control Suppression

Dry Fog Mist System For Dust Control Suppression

Dry mist dust suppression system main dry mist nozzle to produce very fine droplets and dust contact,

Application of spray dust removal technology to iron - making dust poll

Application of spray dust removal technology to iron - making dust poll

The application of spray dust removal technology to dust pollution treatment in open space of iron an

Application of ultrasonic dry mist nozzle in dust suppression system

Application of ultrasonic dry mist nozzle in dust suppression system

Ultrasonic dry mist nozzle has excellent dust suppression effect in dry mist dust suppression system.

Application of desulphurization nozzle in desulphurization and dust rem

Application of desulphurization nozzle in desulphurization and dust rem

Application of desulphurization nozzle in desulphurization and dust removal industry The basic princi


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