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Automatic Air Atomizing Nozzle for humidifying and cooling

Material:Stainless Steel, Brass
Working Method:External Mix
Operation Type:Pressure, Syphon
Spray Pattern:Round Full Cone Spray
Orifice Diameter:0.5 to 2.5mm
Thread Size:1/8", 1/4", 1/2"
Application:Humidifying, Cooling, Dedusting,Sanitizing
Working Pressure:1.5 Bar - 3bar
Spray Distance:50 Cm-150 Cm
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This air atomizing nozzle is mainly used for humidification and cooling scenarios. Air atomizing nozzle spray humidification effect is good, forming fine fog water droplets diameter is small, can quickly cool and humidify the surrounding environment, the size of atomized water droplets in a certain range can be adjusted appropriately.

Stainless Steel, Brass
Working Method
External Mix
Operation Type
Pressure, Syphon
Spray Pattern
Round Full Cone Spray
Orifice Diameter
0.5 to 2.5mm
Thread Size
1/8", 1/4", 1/2"
Humidifying, Cooling, Dedusting,Sanitizing
Working Pressure
1.5 Bar - 3bar
Spray Distance
50 Cm-150 Cm

Product Introduction

● With efficient anti-drip function, effectively prevent dripping
● Can provide fan and round spray mode.
● With M8 fixed screw, convenient to fix nozzle; Our company is equipped with gas and liquid joints, joints with 6mm quick disassembly joints.
● 3.5kg air pressure, 3kg water pressure, fan-shaped spray Angle of 100 degrees, circular 20 degrees, close the air inlet, spray immediately stop, no dripping water seepage.
● When the liquid has no pressure, the pressure should be controlled at about 3 kg, and the nozzle should be placed under the static liquid before siphoning the spray.
● Good spray effect, uniform atomization; Spray particles about 10 microns.

Scope of application

Mainly used in large industrial plants such as corrugated cardboard factory, textile factory, printing factory, or fresh storage, cold storage and central air conditioning units.

Applicable industry

Textile cotton spinning, wool spinning, silk spinning, linen spinning, knitting, chemical fiber, clothing
Printing paper material wet balance, printing workshop, binding workshop, packaging workshop
Tobacco Tobacco transportation, moisture recovery, sorting, cutting, rebaking, cigarette, packaging
Electronic purification clean room, integrated circuit manufacturing, semiconductor chip manufacturing
Automobile manufacturing spraying workshop, purification spraying section
Breeding greenhouse, botanical garden, mushroom breeding, special biology
Biological pharmaceutical laboratory, workshop production
Storage fruits and vegetables preservation, dangerous goods storage, books and files, medicine, cultural relics protection
Public places terminal, railway station, exhibition hall
Steel smelting furnace before cooling dust

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