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Standard type hollow cone nozzle

Spray Characteristics
● Spray pattern: Hollow Cone
● Spray angles: 60° to 90°
● Flow rates: 0.28 to 33 L/min @1.5 bar

Ordering information:AA 1/4- SS 10

Available Material: 303SS, 304SS, 316SS, BRASS
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The spray form of the hollow conical nozzle is a conical hollow circular design, and the liquid forms a hollow conical shape when it leaves the nozzle mouth.Hollow conical nozzle produces fine atomization particle size, so it is not easy to plug.The injection Angle is generally 60 ~ 90 degrees.

multi hollow nozzle sizesAngle type hollow cone nozzle connection size

1/4 ".3/8 ";1/2 ".3/4 ";1 ";1-1/4 ";1-1/2 ";2 ";2-1/2 ";3 ";We offer custom sizes and related installation accessories.

Available materials

Stainless steel (SS304, 303, 316, 316L), BRASS, plastic (PVC, ABS, FUD), silicon carbide


1. The structure of swirl cavity is designed to produce hollow conical spray and form a ring striking area.
2. Large and unobstructed liquid channels can reduce clogging.
3. Removable nozzle cap can be easily cleaned and repaired.
4. Standard spray Angle and wide Angle spray are optional.
5. Good atomization effect under low pressure.
6. Optional external thread or internal thread.

Hollow cone nozzle application field

Exhaust gas desulfurization and dust removal, exhaust gas washing, gas cooling, washing and bleaching process, product decontamination, dust control, air humidification, chemical treatment, starch spray flue gas washing, chemical treatment, cooling tower cooling, packing tower spray, etc.


Standard type hollow cone nozzle

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