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Wide angle hollow cone spray nozzle

Spray Characteristics
● Spray pattern: Hollow Cone
● Spray angles: 100°to 140°
● Flow rates: 0.28 to 28 L/min @1.5bar

Ordering Information:AA-W- 1/4- SS 10;A-W- 1/4- SS 10

Material: 303SS, 304SS, 316SS, BRASS
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Wide Angle corner hollow cone nozzle spray Angle is large, injection Angle in 100°to 140°, spray mist coverage is wide.This wide-angle hollow cone nozzle is made of stainless steel material, corrosion resistant, strong, an important advantage lies in its large and unobstructed flow channel, can reduce or eliminate blocking phenomenon.
Wide Angle corner hollow cone nozzle

Spray Characteristics
● Spray pattern: Hollow Cone
● Spray angles: 100°to 140°
● Flow rates: 0.28 to 28 L/min @1.5bar

Ordering Information:AA-W- 1/4- SS 10;A-W- 1/4- SS 10

Material: 303SS, 304SS, 316SS, BRASS

The characteristics

• Spray area in a ring, droplet size is small to medium spray.
• The circumferential flow distribution is roughly even.
• There are no obstacles inside the nozzle, and there is no need to worry about blockage.
• Good atomization effect can be formed under low pressure.
• Ideal for impact applications where rapid heat exchange is required or where an effective air-suspended droplet is required.

Wide spray angle hollow cone nozzle connection size

1/4 ".3/8 ";1/2 ".3/4 ";1 ";1-1/4 ";1-1/2 ";2 ";2-1/2 ";3 ";We offer custom sizes and related installation accessories.

Available materials

Stainless steel (SS304, 303, 316, 316L), BRASS (BRASS), plastic (PVC, ABS, FUD), silicon carbide

The general application

1. Gas washing and cooling
2. Water cooling
3. Dust control
4. Metal treatment
5. Chemical reaction treatment
6. Other heat exchange applications


wide angle hollow cone spray nozzle

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