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Ultrasonic Atomizer with Anti-drip Adaptor

Thread Size:1/8" , 1/4"
Material:Stainless Steel, Brass
Spray angle:30/60/80 Degree
Working Pressure:0.5-1 Bar
Connection Type:BSPT,NPT
Humidifying, cooling, dust control
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Dust control ultrasonic nozzle misting atomizing nozzles

Dust control ultrasonic nozzle to reduce the degree of dust is mainly the ultrasonic nozzle spray particles are very small, the spraying distance is far and other performance, spray water mist is dense, can quickly capture, shield, cut off the dust diffusion.
Ultrasonic air atomizing nozzle belongs to a type of atomizing nozzle. It is generally made of stainless steel and connected with external thread. It is suitable for cooling, humidification and dust removal on many occasions.

Application of Dust control ultrasonic nozzle

1. Spray dust removal application. Thermal power plant, chemical plant, cement plant, mining and other industries belt conveyor, unloading link dust control.
2. Spray humidification application. Fine chemical industry, paper making, mushroom planting and other production links that need humidity.
3. Spray disinfection application. Food, breeding, agriculture, etc. need sterilization and disinfection.

Dust control ultrasonic nozzle misting atomizing nozzles
Dust control ultrasonic nozzle misting atomizing nozzles

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