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DS Series High Pressure Water Mist Nozzle - Open Type

Material: 316SS, copper alloy (chrome plated)
Working pressure range: 8~15MPa
Flow coefficient: K=0.5, 0.6, 0.75, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.1, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5.
Nozzle filter net: stainless steel, the number of 40 mesh.
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The high-pressure fine water mist nozzle is composed of nozzle body, nozzle, nozzle core and filter screen and other parts. After a certain pressure of water enters the nozzle through the filter screen of the nozzle, the pressure water is spewed out from the nozzle hole at a high speed, which generates strong friction with the surrounding air, and the water is torn, thus forming fine water mist spraying along a certain Angle.
High Pressure Water Mist Nozzle Opening Type
The fine water mist sprayed by the high-pressure fine water mist sprinkler belongs to class I fine water mist, Dv0.9≤100μ, high pressure, good diffuse effect, the resident time of water mist after spraying is long, compared with other sprinkler heads, can reduce the intensity of fire extinguishing and fire control spray, less water consumption.

Performance parameters of open nozzle with fine water mist

Material: 316SS, copper alloy (chrome plated)
Working pressure range: 8~15MPa
Flow coefficient: K=0.5, 0.6, 0.75, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.1, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5.
Nozzle filter net: stainless steel, the number of 40 mesh.

Water mist nozzle uses

High pressure water mist nozzle opening type is high pressure water mist sprinkler system an important component of a, either through tiny droplets cooling fire plume, oxygen, water vapor and may radiate to control fire, fire fighting, usually installed on a fire danger place of production, warehouse, shopping malls, hotels, hospitals, theaters, office buildings, high-rise buildings and garages and other places.
The nozzle should be drooping or horizontal installation, there are two forms of open nozzle and closed nozzle.
If used in ships and corrosive environment, stainless steel nozzle can be provided, which must be processed by separate order.

Application of high pressure water mist nozzle for fire
Water mist is suitable for the following fire types and corresponding locations:
Class A fire: solid organic matter, such as wood;
Places such as archives, libraries, museums, cultural relics and ancient buildings and other solid dangerous places
Class B fire: liquid, fusible solid, such as gasoline, wax;
Places such as hydraulic station, lubricating oil depot, turbine oil depot, diesel power generation room, paint baking production line, fuel boiler room, liquor and alcohol and other flammable liquids
Body fire danger place.
Class C fire: gas;
Places such as gas turbine room, gas direct gas turbine room and other places of combustible gas.
Class E fire: electrically charged; Live equipment fire;
Places such as oil-immersed power transformer, power distribution room, oil switch cabinet room, generator room, boiler room, computer room, communication room, central control room,
Large cable room, cable tunnel (corridor), substation and distribution room and other electrical equipment fire danger places.
Class K fire: kitchen grease fire.

The performance characteristics of high pressure water mist nozzle for fire
● Safe and pollution-free: water as fire extinguishing agent, safety to personnel, no damage and pollution to the environment;
● Smoke evacuation: smoke, gas washing and washing, improve the visibility of the fire site, easy to evacuate and fire rescue personnel;
● High fire extinguishing efficiency: both gas and traditional sprinkler suppression effect of two fire extinguishing systems. It removes oxygen like a gas fire extinguishing system, while cooling the flame like a water sprinkler system. Its cooling and wetting effect reduces the risk of fire recurrence. The fire extinguishing efficiency is 200-300 times that of the traditional sprinkler system;
● Good insulation performance: high pressure water mist fire water consumption is very small, most of the water mist evaporates after fire, water stains are very small, almost no impact on electronic components, can extinguish shelter fire, electrical fire;
● Block heat radiation: fine water mist system action, evaporation formed steam can quickly cover the combustion, flame and plume, the flame radiant heat has excellent barrier ability, but also can pre-wet near the combustion, to prevent the spread of fire effect;
● Small rescue loss: the water consumption of high pressure fine water mist is 1% of the traditional spray system, and the impact of small droplets on the protected object is small, greatly reducing the rescue loss, reduce the failure repair time caused by small fire and water damage loss;
● Easy installation and maintenance: less water consumption, without huge water storage, water supply equipment, and water mist pipe diameter is small, the material is corrosion resistant stainless steel, the whole system is easy to install and maintain;
● Strong applicability, reliability, flexible configuration;

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