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High pressure foam water mist nozzle fire extinguisher

For Sprinkler Flowcoefficient
K5.6 K8.0 K11.2 ESFR-17 25 @US OR K=80 115 155 161 202 242 363 @China
For Sprinkler Material / Response
Brass Chrome Plating, Zinc Alloy, Fusible Alloy Sprinkler, SR Standard Response or QR Quick Response
For Sprinkler Burst Temperature
Action Temp. 57℃(135℉)  68℃(155℉)  79℃(174℉)  93℃(199℉) 121℃(250℉)  141℃(286℉)  182℃(360℉)  260℃(500℉)
For Sprinkler Parts
Regular material, accept OEM
For Fire Hydrant
Iron Cast or Brass
For Hydraulic Water Valve System
Iron Cast or Stainless Steel
For Fire Hose / Coupling
Mixed PVC and Rubber,Synthetic Rubber, EPDM Lined, Aluminium or Brass
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The High pressure foam water mist nozzle is a part used in the fire extinguisher system to mist spray the foam mixture to produce foam, and foam water mist nozzle can also spray water mist, which is composed of the nozzle shell, foam water mist nozzle head, splashing pan and filter screen. The foam mixture is ejected from the inner flow channel of the nozzle shell to the nozzle to form foam, and the protected area is put out fire.

foam water mist nozzle

Technical Specification 


Pendent, Upright, Sidewall, Conventional and Recessed Pendent,Recessed Sidewall, Recessed Conventional

K Factor
gpm/(psi)½( L/min(bar)½ )

5.6 (80)

Nominal Thread Size

1/2” NPT OR 1/2” BSPT

Max. Working Pressure

175 PSI (12BAR)

Factory Test Pressure

500 PSI (35BAR)

Min. Operating Pressure

7 PSI (0.5 BAR)


Brass and Chrome Plated and White Plated Available

Characteristics of High pressure foam water mist nozzle fire extinguishing system

Double fire extinguishing form
High pressure foam water mist nozzle has dual fire extinguishing form of water spray and foam fire, which can effectively fight complex Class A and Class B composite fires in tunnels
Strong choking and foam water mist fire extinguishing effect
Water film and foam formed by water film foam extinguishing agent have strong adhesion, foam water mist nozzle can effectively cover combustible materials, and have remarkable oxygen asphyxiation effect
Cooling speed is fast
Water spray cooling efficiency is high, shielding thermal radiation to protect the tunnel structure, wash toxic and harmful fumes to help personnel evacuate safely
Safety and Environmental Protection
Compact structure, easy to operate, safe and environmentally friendly

foam water mist nozzle

Working principle

The high pressure foam water mist nozzle is used together with the fixed foam fire extinguishing system. The foam mixture required by the foam mist nozzle is provided by the foam proportional mixing device, which is suitable for the low expansion foam mixture of 3% or 8%.
When the foam mixture is transported to the foam water mist nozzle through the pipeline, the mixed liquid is fully mixed with the air inhaled inside the nozzle to form a diffused atomized jet, which touches the inner wall of the nozzle and the foam disperser to form eddy current, and thus foams into a low-expansion foam. Then, the foam is evenly mist sprayed in the surrounding protection area through the umbrella type water baffle plate to cover the surface of the burning object. Suffocate, cool and put out fires.

foam water mist nozzle
2. Installation
(1) When the sagging foam water mist nozzle is installed, the umbrella baffle plate faces down, and when the upright foam nozzle is installed, the umbrella baffle plate faces up.
(2) The inlet aperture of the pipe for installing the foam water mist nozzle shall not be less than the inlet size of the nozzle, and measures shall be taken to prevent foreign bodies from blocking the nozzle according to the needs of the project.
(3) The foam water mist nozzle sprinkler head should be installed in a place that will not suffer mechanical damage. Before installation, it should be confirmed that the foam water mist nozzle specifications, models, connection dimensions and other parameters meet the requirements.
Foam water mist nozzle fire extinguishing system using high efficiency foam liquid as fire extinguishing agent, under a certain pressure through the special foam spray nozzle, the fire extinguishing agent is sprayed to the protected object, so that it quickly extinguish a new fire extinguishing device. The device absorbs the characteristics of water mist fire extinguishing and foam fire extinguishing at the same time. It has advanced technology, high fire extinguishing efficiency, simple installation and maintenance, and is an efficient, safe, economic and environmental protection fire extinguishing device. The device has three starting modes: automatic, manual and mechanical emergency operation.

foam water mist nozzle

Scope of application:

Foam water mist nozzle can be used to extinguish solid fire, liquid or melted solid fire, especially suitable for fighting hot oil flowing fire;
The amount of fire extinguishing agent is small, non-toxic, biodegradable, does not pollute the environment, has good flame retardant and insulation performance, and has no impact on the equipment;
Fire quickly, no reignition;
The use of gas storage power source, no need for fire pools and water supply equipment.
The foam water mist nozzle is mainly suitable for the following fires:
1) Solid fire
2) Liquid fire or melting solid fire
Typical application places of foam spray fire extinguishing device:
1) Oil-immersed power transformer
2) Oil boiler room
3) Fuel oil generator room
4) Small oil storage
5) Small oil storage tanks
6) Small garage
7) Small repair garage
8) Marine engine room and engine room, etc.

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