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High Pressure Water Mist Nozzles Open and Closed Type

Spray Characteristics
● Spray pattern: Full Cone
● Spay angles: 120°(other angles optional)
● Operating pressure: 10~14MPa
● K-factors of open type : 0.17, 0.45, 0.95, 1.34,  2.04, 1.19, 1.87
● K-factors of closed type : 1.25, 1.68, 2.04 . Nozzles with other K factors can be customized
● Strainer: 40 mesh, 120 mesh, 200 mesh
● Class I water mist: Dv0.99<100μ
● Ordering Information
   DS-O-48-4-00-1.19 / 10
  Material available: 304SS, 316SS, Brass (Chrome plated)
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High Pressure Water Mist Nozzles Open and Closed Type

Design Features

Very fine droplet size, Class I water mist
Major parts include nozzle body, nozzle tips, whirl core, spray
orifice, strainer mesh
High spray momentum, good ability for penetration of fire
Very fine atomizing droplets, Good dispersion effect
Fog-like droplets remain in air for long time

1. K factor is defined as following:
    Here, Q refer to the flow rate (L/min) and P refers to the operating pressure (Mpa). Tolerance of K
    factors in product standard should be within ±5%.
2. Both the Max. Spacing and Max. Height refer to total applications.
3. DS Series Water Mist Nozzles Model Instruction:
    DS-O-48-4-00-1.19 / 10
    DS-Serires NO.
    O----------------Nozzle types "O" refers to open type nozzle while "C" refers to closed type nozzle.
    48---------------The angle between micro nozzle and horizontal ceiling
    4-----------------Quantity of micro nozzles
    00---------------Temperature of thermo buld,"00"stands for open type
   1.19--------------K factor
   10-----------------Min.working pressure ( Mpa)

Common Applications
Used in high pressure water mist system for fire suppression.

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