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Dry Fog Atomizer Humidifier for Humidity Control

Product name: 5-7 micron humidifier (green)
Mist particle: 5-7 μm
Supply pressure: 2-4kg
Water supply pressure: 1-3kg
Humidification area: 100-120㎡
Air consumption: 0.12m3/min
Water consumption: 2.6 Gal/min(adjustable)
Humidification diameter: 19-23 ft
Nozzle diameter: 0.3mm
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Dry fogger humidifier

Dry fog humidification system through gas and water two fluid mixing, and then through three times of gasification shear, the supersonic air from the nozzle is again particulate, and from the other nozzle is also the same particulate air in the center of the impact, repeatedly cut each other at the same time, 33,000-40,000 Hertz ultrasonic will be more particulate droplets. The principle of equalization atomization system realizes multi-stage atomization and achieves good spray effect. The diameter of spray particles is 5-7.5um.

The characteristics

1, crab claw nozzle collision structure to achieve three-stage gasification, finer atomization than ordinary two-fluid humidifier;
2, the use of plastic nozzle, no blockage, long durability;
3, low gas consumption, 1/3 of similar products;
4, the pot body adopts high-performance PP material, physical antibacterial, smooth surface, low temperature and high temperature does not deformation;
5, optional temperature, humidity automatic control sensor, according to the actual air temperature, humidity, automatic humidification,
6, installation is quick and convenient, as long as the air compressor is connected, you can easily spray work;
7. The single side air mist distance of the nozzle is 3-4 meters, which can realize the ideal humidification area of 30-60 square meters.





 (Air consumptipn)








Small particles of fog

The average diameter is 7.5μm
Spray volume (one sprinkler head) 2.4L/H, air pressure 0.3mpa
More than 4 sprinkler heads can be installed, and the installation is convenient
MistKing High quality Nozzle AE series bring you ultra dry mist particles like silk feel.
Suitable for humidifying in narrow space without wetting wall.

General purpose

Industrial humidification, humidification anti-static, dust purification, spray cooling, spray disinfection, deodorization, disinfection and sterilization, spray humidification.

Used in industry

textile factory, electronics factory, printing factory, tobacco factory, tea, fiber, packaging factory, clean room, SMT workshop, food factory disinfection, plastic factory, cigarette factory, steel plant, chemical fiber factory, paper factory and so on.

Dry fogger humidifier

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